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Our Story

In a couple of weeks were going to FREEZE ourselves to raise money for the charity Heart Kids, who provide support to families of children born with congenital heart defects.

We're clearly a bunch of nutters because for most of the team it'll be the second time (last time we were the Frozen Coconuts)!

This time we'll dress as super heroes...for the kids...

So we need you to please donate to the cause!

Heart Kids supports kiwi kids born with heart defects which is surprisingly (and unfortunately) the highest occurring serious birth defect in New Zealand. They do some pretty amazing stuff like…
- Assist in navigating the processes & procedures involved in ongoing medical care
- Help explain the medical procedures & acronyms (so many acronyms) involved
- Provide counseling for heart kids (and parents / siblings)
- Arrange support for families suffering financial hardship (e.g. while in hospital for long periods or stuck in Auckland away from home)
- Visit the kids & families in hospitals around the country and can arrange volunteer minders to give parents a chance to get a short breath of fresh air
- Organise heart kids events, camps, & trips with professional medical teams on hand*
- Supply frozen meals to the Starship Children’s Hospital heart ward (I can attest to the quality of their spag bol and mac’n’cheese)
- And so much more…

  • They even arranged a medically supervised trip overseas recently as a lot of the kids can’t leave NZ because they’re unable to get medical travel insurance – So that was literally a trip of a lifetime for a lot of them.

Any support you can give would be very much appreciated and you’re more than welcome to join the team as well or come along and laugh while we freeze our giblets off…

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